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Sohal Immigration Consultant Pvt. Ltd. strives to be more student friendly by providing necessary assistance right from giving complete program awareness, assistance in application process, visa documentation, pre-departure briefing and assisting the students to adapt to the foreign country culture, environment and conduct through experienced and qualified professionals.

We, at Sohal Immigration, feel highly elated in enabling our students to make adequate use of the information provided in our website to further their fund of knowledge and information and thus aim for a brighter future.

Our Professional services include:

Counseling & Expert Evaluation

At SIC our counselors understand that one of the most important decisions students and parents will have to make is that of higher education. We will assist and hold your hand through the entire process and make it as smooth as we can.

Our specialized counseling team will highlight the benefits of studying abroad in Canada, Australia, New zealand, UK, USA, Europe and Singapore and advise you on choosing a course that is based on your interest and career perspective.

SIC counselors will also offer you an insight into universities from different locations that are best suited for your course. The counselors will assist you with the application and selection process from the universities you have chosen to apply to and help facilitate the visa process. We even sort out accommodation for you - making sure you are settled in before you start your course!

Editing Application and SOP

SIC will give you the list of documents needed to complete the application and review your application to make sure all the necessary information and supporting credentials as required by a particular university or college are in order before they are submitted to the concerned institute to be assessed. You will receive reminders from us as your deadline approaches so we can make sure we have collected all your papers well before the deadline date set by the university.

The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are. It is the only part of your application packet over which you have full control. Our counselors make sure that you will be given tips on how to write your SOP's.

University Offer Responses

SIC guide you on offer acceptances and how to move forward after universities or colleges have responded. All being well, particularly if you have chosen your universities carefully, you will get several offers. When any decisions do arrive, they will be one of the following:

Unconditional Offer (U):

Conditional Offer (C):

Student Scholarships & Loans

Generally, scholarships and bursaries are largely the same from most universities but some have lots of conditions attached (e.g. family income, A level grades, sporting prowess, living in a certain postcode district).

SIC offers exclusive scholarships on behalf of their partner universities to Undergraduate, Graduate, English language and pathway programs. Our counselors will make sure you are informed of the procedure to follow.

We also have tie ups with local banks to help you secure easy student loans.

Student Accommodation

SIC counselors will advise you on all the options for either on-campus or off-campus accommodation based on your preference and budget.

Usually first year students are advised to choose University owned and managed accommodation - a good way to meet friends and access the support for first year students that Universities have many years experience of providing.

Whilst the largest number of first-year students lives in Halls, some prefer smaller, self-catering properties with a shared kitchen, toilet, bathroom and possibly a lounge area. University properties are often in or near the campus and so travel costs to and from the university are minimal.

Paying University/College Tuition Fees

We will inform you when and how to pay your deposit or tuition fee to secure your admission.

Student Visa Application

We assist you through the visa application progression, which includes organizing your paperwork and preparing you for the visa interview.

Applying for a student visa again requires filling up of forms and providing various details to consulates, depending on which country the universities of your choice are located in. We will be help you in applying for the student visa, making sure you have all the documents that the consulate needs to grant you the visa, but please note granting of visa is on the sole discretion of the consulate.

Pre Departure Briefing for Students

SIC counselors will give you a pre-departure briefing so you reach your college with all the documents, immunizations and other items needed to make your stay comfortable. We will explain the local college culture in detail. We will talk about academic issues, money matters, health & safety, travel tips, and much more!

Going to a new place can be very intimidating, but it will be less of struggle if your child feels confident in their ability to cope with the day-to-day aspects of life, such as cooking, washing and budgeting.

Remember the boring things that are easy to forget, such as checking on insurance (many household insurance policies don't cover possessions taken to university) and arranging passport photographs.

Post Arrival Assistance for Students

We can offer post-arrival assistance if you need it.

We will be in touch with the university's student support services to make sure you are received from the airport on arrival and we will make sure we keep contact with you until you have settled and even help you with transfers if needed.

We offer assistance with finding accommodation options for you to make sure you are safe and secure once you enter the country.

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